Friday, June 12, 2009

Wk 2, F

8:30-9 -- worked on paper
9 -- meeting
9-12:15 -- worked on writing down exactly what i was proving; chose better forms for the complements (b,c,a,d,... instead of a,d,c,b,...); made a table of spans for the three cfgs; hashed out branko's explanation of how to calculate where the next point goes. hopefully, this will be enlightening for why there must be the third (fifth and sixth 2PI rings) set of intersections.

2-2:30 -- blogged
2:30-5 -- conjectured that the innermost radius of the L_i intersections was determined by t_(i-1); further modified to hold only for pattern 1 (first look at pattern 2 yielded a counterexample). looked at more examples. figured out why the s_i weren't mapping to the predicted color: it's s_i and t_(i-1) dependent, not just s_i dependent. Fun.

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