Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wk 3, Tu

9:30-11 -- tried to fix "101 error(s)" in Latex in my tables (i was missing some dollar signs)
i was wondering about formatting. how do my tables look? (i was also thinking they could be equation lists, like to show the middle step, and forget about having columns.
1-2:30 -- worked on showing (and typing up) that the angles must be the same. got half way there.
i think this also leads to some interesting questions about configurations... i wonder if anyone's done any research on the placement of vertices? (especially with the pairing that occurs with trivial configurations). for instance, when are the symmetry classes of points collinear?
2:30-3:30 -- outlined proof, for organizational purposes; blogged.
11-12 -- reviewed proof for tomorrow

today, like yesterday, was very much a writing day.

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